2 Day FERS Pre-Retirement Seminar [Replay]


Our Goal is to Help you Achieve Yours: The world is a complicated place today; the market is volatile, and the cost of everything seems to keep rising. Healthcare laws are changing, the tax code is changing and with the financial media commoditizing all aspects of planning and benefits, how do we make sense of it all? How do we make the right decision to protect ourselves, our families, and our careers? Our Online 2-day FERS Pre-Retirement program is designed to give you answers and guidance. You need a trusted source that understands you and your benefits; someone to monitor the changes in your benefits, to see the opportunities and the more problematic aspects. In this class we cover FERS Annuity, Insurance (FEGLI, FEHBP, Medicare, FLTCIP), TSP (Roth and Traditional), Social Security, and Estate Planning.


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Day 1:

3:37         Introduction

25:08       FERS Benefits- The Planning Process

33:38       Defining Success Exercise

57:31       TSP Historical Returns

1:30:37    Budget and Inflation

1:34:19    Determining Your Gap

1:40:35    Turbo Charging Your Retirement Plan

1:42:56    Phantom Expenses

1:54:00    Three Elements of Accumulation

1:44:57    Budget Exercise

2:22:12    Administrative Checklist

3:43:51    FERS Annuity Benefits

5:29:10    Social Security Benefits

6:22:41    Summarize

Day 2:

0:00          The Foundation

16:37        FEGLI

34:40        Basic Insurance

1:10:25     Beneficiary Designation

1:35:14     FEHB

2:09:25     FEDVIP

2:12:00     FSA

2:28:12     HSA

3:02:35     Medicare

3:39:03     LTC

3:54:07     Medicaid

4:13:43     Thrift Savings Plan

6:00:00     Summarize