The Principles, Process & Psychology of Planning


The first step we all need to take in starting the planning process. Why we never get the answers we are looking for when we plan. How financial companies and the financial media have conditioned you to a planning system that is designed for you to fail. And finally, a system that if utilized will help you answer the ultimate question we all have in planning our finances.

Worksheets and forms for you to download, accompany the program, to aide in your planning. Contact one of our representatives if you have any questions after viewing the class. Each purchased course entitles the viewer to a free telephone consultation.

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00:00 Introduction
01:38 First Step
07:07 Five Objectives
09:15 Process of Retirement Planning
11:10 You are Your Own Quarterback
16:21 Your Retirement Planner is Your Coach
22:41 Finding Solutions for GAP in Between
34:27 Determining Your GAP
43:57 How Do Things Evolve
47:31 Knowing vs. Doing
49:23 Shrinking Your GAP
56:27 Three Elements of Accumulation
57:59 Time