FERS Annuity


Program covers how the FERS pension is calculated, eligibility requirements for retirement, and “pivot plays” to increase your payout. Case studies on buying back time are used to highlight aspects of increasing your pension payout. The FERS supplement program is also covered in this program.

Worksheets and forms for you to download, accompany the program, to aide in your planning. Contact one of our representatives if you have any questions after viewing the class. Each purchased course entitles the viewer to a free telephone consultation.

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0:00 Retirement Systems
0:54 FERS Annuity
2:43 Eligibility
4:48 High 3
6:54 Creditable Civilian Service
10:51 FERS Deposit/Re-Deposit Service
18:20 Computation of Annuity
21:13 Maximizing Monthly Annuity
37:30 Selecting Retirement Day
41:54 Survivor Benefits
51:42 Spousal Protection