Turbo Charging Your Retirement Plan

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Introduction & Agenda 0:00-2:00
Common myths of retirement planning 2:01-8:58
Why we fail to follow through 9:03-11:12
Disengagement from the vision 11:13-15:00
Financial Pivoting ~15:01-16:38
The Real retirement planning process 16:41-23:56
Shrinking the gap ~24:04-~25:48
Increasing what you have ~25:48-29:21
Phantom Expenses ~29:22-~34:37 Taxes 34:37-36:13
Roth, Whole Life & Financial Pivot Plays ~36:13-55:04
Social Security / Medicare Taxation 55:05-55:34
Whole life; reversing the cash flow 55:35-56:40
HDHP & HSA 56:41-1:05:31
Income distribution techniques 1:05:32-1:15:14
Summary 1:15:15-1:17:22