How to Build Your Financial Future


With the commoditization of planning by the financial media, it is more difficult for people to understand that there is a comprehensive process to building a financially secure future. This class will provide a new paradigm of thinking. Instead of thinking something is bad or good, the question to ask is, “Does this fit for me?” This is our most popular financial literacy class.

Worksheets and forms for you to download, accompany the program, to aide in your planning. Contact one of our representatives if you have any questions after viewing the class. Each purchased course entitles the viewer to a free telephone consultation.

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0:00 Introduction
2:20 Building Your Financial Future
13:35 Life Insurance Strategies
16:14 Health Insurance Strategies
18:01 Direct Income Sources
20:41 Tax Strategies
31:40 Tax Diversification
40:30 Healthcare Expenses in Retirement